Friday, 3 November 2017

Shiseido future solution LX discovery kit


I’m a big Shiseido fan, so when I got these samples send to me by Parfuma, I couldn’t wait to try them. The Shiseido future solution LX, is the newest an anti-aging line of the brand. As I turned 30 this month, I just know I need to use more anti-aging products, because “hello fine lines & wrinkles”

What did I receive:
·        Extra rich cleansing foam

·        Concentrate balancing softner

·        Total protective cream

·        Total regenerating cream

I must say, I started using these 4 products after having a really really bad cold and my skin was in terrible condition. Dry patches and redness all over the place.

According to the website:

Extra rich cleansing foam (€ 72 for 125 ml)
A luxurious, rich creamy foaming cleanser with anti-aging ingredients that effectively removes impurities while retaining skin’s essential moisture, leaving a fresh, smooth look and feel. Prepares skin to better absorb benefits of following treatments.
How to use it: morning & evening
Concentratebalancing softner (€ 108 for 170 ml) An enriched softening lotion that infuses moisture immediately into skin to help target visible signs of aging for a youthful-look. Dramatically refines skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores.
How to use it: every morning & evening after cleansing

An exquisitely rich daytime moisturizer that protects skin from UV rays, dryness and oxidation, while maintaining long-lasting moisture. This velvety formula helps refine skin’s texture and reduces the look of wrinkles and visible pores, and helps makeup apply easily and smoothlyHow to use it: Every morning after cleansing and balancing the skin
Totalregenerating cream (€ 323,80 for 50 ml)  A rich, luxurious nighttime cream formulated to help enhance the appearance of skin’s vitality during key nighttime hours for youthful-looking, exquisitely vibrant skin. Skin appears firm, smooth and radiant while the appearance of wrinkles is reducedHow to use it: Every evening after cleansing and balancing the skin
My experience:

I’m going to be honest, I used the cleansing foam only 2 times as I’m just not a cleansing foam kinda-girl. I like to cleanse my face with oils, so for me the foam was a bit too harsh.

The other 3 products on the other hand, LOVE, I just can’t say anything else. My skin was in such a bad condition after being very ill, and even from the 2nd day using the products I’ve noticed an extreme difference. My skin was significantly more hydrated and the dry patches were gone. It looked brighter and smoother. After using the product for more than a week I could even start to notice my pores being less noticeable. As for the wrinkles, I can’t say at this point that I see a lot of difference, I don’t really have them that much either. It does seem to minorly plump my fine lines, and that’s a plus!

Final verdict? I would recommend these products to EVERYONE! I’m a Shiseido addict, and once again the brand didn’t disappoint. However, the price is steep! Very steep ! So I understand that this isn’t for everyone. But if you have the money, or just like to pamper yourself once in a while, you won't be disappointed.

I do have some good news. You too can get a “Shiseido future solution LX discovery kit."

Parfuma is giving a FREE Shiseido future solution LX discovery kit, with each online Shiseido purchase, and this until the 20th of November 2017. All you have to do is order 1 (or more) Shiseido item(s) of choice online on and you’ll receive the discovery kit with your order.

Very curious about your experience with Shiseido products, let me know below!

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