Monday, 12 December 2016

Dr Dennis Gross - Alpha Beta Peel – Original

As the season changed into winter, so did my skin. Unfortunately. Bye bye pretty glow, hello dull and breakout prone skin. Time to change up my skincare routine, so I went on the hunt for the right products. I ended up with 2 winter staples: Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel - Original (5 Packettes) and the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (more info soon).

I have never done an at home peeling, shame on me, I know! But this Alpha Beta Peel is SUPER easy. You have 2 sachets with 2  cotton pads trenched in liquid. This is a daily peel/exfoliant so nothing that could do harm to your skin. You just follow the 2 steps and apply a serum and moisture afterwards and you’re done. I use it in the evening, but you can also use them in the morning. Don’t forget, you are exfoliating so make sure to use a sunscreen during the day. My all-day-everyday sunscreen is the Armani Maestro UV SPF 50.

According to the website:
This patented two-step formula is easy and safe to use at home, without requiring recovery time. Step 1 is packed with rejuvenating, powerful yet gentle, exfoliating acids, and step 2 controls the alpha hydroxy acid activity and delivers anti-aging actives, nourishing skin, keeping it balanced, smooth, and radiant – perfectly prepped for a more effective skincare routine. Expect your complexion to appear smoother, with fewer fine lines, a more even tone and texture, and smaller-looking pores. Contains a combination of seven acids, for accelerated results.

 How to use?
Once a day, apply step 1 pad to clean, dry skin, using circular motions. Continue application until pad feels dry. Wait two minutes. Follow with pad in step 2 using the same technique as step 1. Do not rinse after either step or use products containing alcohol. Morning or night use.
Avoid contact with eyes. Make sure to use sunscreen daily to help prevent photo-aging.


Seriously even after using this peel for only 1 night I can already say that my skin looked healthier, had a glow and was SO smooth. Incredible how smooth it was. Applying my make-up has never been that easy. I’m in love. I only have a pack for 5 days, but already ordered the larger pack. I think I might to a month with daily use and then stop for a month and restart. Can’t imagine my skincare routine without this product. How can I have never tried this before! 
The Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel - Original isn't cheap (€ 18,45 for 5 packettes), but in my opinion totally worth it! You can find it here.
I bought it from my 1 of my favourite online shops LookFantastic. Shop the site here
Do you use an at home peel? Any recommendations?
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