Monday, 3 October 2016


As you’ve read in one of my previous posts I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris (KP). The Paula’s Choice exfoliator works for me and I thought that it was time to give my legs a little bit more TLC ! I never really “cared” for my legs, as the KP mostly bothered me, now that’s improving it’s time for a change! I ordered the THIS WORKS PERFECT LEGS SKIN MIRACLE” on LookFantastic because it promises to enhance my legs even more.

According to This Works:
Perfect legs skin miracle is a powerful serum with Vitamin C to perfect, repair and enhance.

MODERN: Instantly enhances legs and helps combat skin imperfections, skin discolorations and scars.
NATURAL: A powerful complex of Vitamin C and vitamin E to help even out skin tone and restructure the skin, while Arnica helps to fade bruising.
BEAUTY: Immediately transforms the skin with a sun-kissed glow

My verdict? IT REALLY WORKS!

The serum is easy to apply, dries very fast and isn’t sticky at all (luckily!). Personally I use a tanning mit to apply the serum to my legs, just to be extra sure that I don’t have any streaks on my legs. But you can just work with your hands and massage it in.

After applying the skin is very soft and there is a very SUBTLE tint (not orange) on your legs and a nice glow. Yes you’ve read it right it’s a subtle tint, this isn’t a tanning product after all. But I’m already happy if my legs have a hint of color, otherwise they are just way to pale to be seen ;-)

This isn’t a cheap product, it retails at €49,95 at Look Fantastic. If you really want your legs to be tanned I think you can find other (cheaper?) alternatives. But if you are, like me, looking for a product that will give you a subtle hint of color and will improve your skin, this is the one for you!

Will you give this a try?

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