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Mysterious Thousand and One Days Emulsion

Another review from my latest blogger mail "unboxing" (read it here). Today I'll be reviewing the "Mysterious Thousand and One Days Emulsion"
To be honest I had never ever heard of this product before unboxing my blogger mail. I was intrigued because of the 5 patents that this product has. This means there had to be something special in it, to have it patented.

According to the website:

Innovation :
A seaweed extract with a "rejuvenating" effect on the appearance of wrinkles.

The discovery of a seaweed extract, Alaria esculenta, which helps lower progerin levels (progerin is known as the protein that causes accelerated ageing), was an incredible one.

The active ingredients in this marvellous day cream will help to:

relax expression lines; lower progerin levels (the protein that causes accelerated ageing); instantly lift the skin.

Result :
It will act on all types of wrinkle (whether caused by age, dehydration or expression lines). It will firm the skin on the cheeks, giving younger-looking skin and an instant lifting effect.

About the 5 patents:

Over and above numerous in vitro studies, 5 clinical studies against a placebo have demonstrated the potency of the active ingredients in Mysterious Thousand and One Days®:
A snake venom peptide that "relaxes" expression lines. When clinically tested, it reduces wrinkles by up to -41% after 28 days of use (average of the first third; -20% on average for 73% of participants).
A lipopeptide for youthful skin boosts the 6 major constituents of youthful skin (collagen types I, III and IV, hyaluronic acid, laminin 5 and HSP47) to fill wrinkles and rebuild the skin from the inside out. Tested in vitro and clinically tested (25 participants).
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that, when clinically tested, is shown to improve skin hydration after 30 minutes and the cutaneous barrier and skin elasticity by 27% after 8 weeks of use. (12 participants between 30 and 55 years old)
A selection of 3 botanical extracts:
Alaria Esculenta seaweed extract,
when clinically tested, increases the firmness of the skin on the cheeks by +25% and elasticity by +20%. (In vivo tests with a cutometer under dermatological control - 20 participants over 28 days, 2 applications per day).
Fern extract
has been used by Maori tribes in New Zealand for centuries for its regenerating properties.
When clinically tested, it lifts the total surface of wrinkles by -26% and improves tone by +12% (18 participants, after 1 hour, 1 application only).
Olive extract
has hydrating and nourishing properties.
My opinion:
The emulsion is super soft and light weight, I love using it. My skin soaks up this product in no time and I can continue with my make up within the minute. Not only is the formula super soft it actually smells really nice. I’m not the type of girl who likes it when a day cream has a strong sent, but this…. I don’t know how to describe it except for a florally powder smell. Very lovely, and it fades almost immediately when applying on your face.
As for the expression lines… they are still there. Unfortunately, then again it is not Botox, so in my opinion a day cream will never make those lines disappear completely. They do appear more softer when I use the emulsion, so that is a big plus in my book. Maybe if I keep using (I've been using it for 2 weeks now) a bit longer that I'll see more effect?
I’ll keep on using the "Mysterious Thousand and One Days Emulsion" as I like the texture and how it hydrates my face in no time. It also contains hyaluronic acid for that extra skin boost. Even when I use the emulsion on it's own (no serum etc) my skin looks healthy and glowy. 
The emulsion can be used on all skin types, is demagogically  tested and paraben free. 
I give this emulsion 8/10.
The "Mysterious Thousand and One Days Emulsion" retails at €51,80 and is for sale online at IU and at your local pharmacy. 
Will you try this emulsion? Do you know anything similar?
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