Wednesday, 24 August 2016

TALIKA: Photo-Hydra Serum

As mentioned in a previous blogpost (here) I’ll give you an honest review of my experience with the Talika PHOTO-HYDRA SERUM.

What should the product do according to the website?

PHOTO-HYDRA SERUM is the 1st serum to use energy from natural light to delve deep into skin and moisturize it. Suffused in HYDRA-PHOTO BEAUTY® and hyaluronic acid, this hyper concentrated formula creates an effective water reservoir both between and inside cells. The hydration level is optimal. 
Results: After 3 days , +86% deep hydration (dermis)* The skin is immediately and intensely refreshed, replumped and beautified. *ex-vivo test on 8 subjects
As the name already says Photo-Hydra Serum is a serum, so you only need a tiny bit under your day cream. The 30ml bottle will keep you going for a long time!

It’s a very light substance that soaks in the skin immediate. You apply it in the morning on a thoroughly cleansed face, neck and décollté before your day cream. After 4 days I can say that I discovered a more glowy undertone (not greasy!) in my normally dehydrated skin. Another effect I've noticed since using this product is that my skin looks plumped and bright in the morning. This definitely is a product I would recommend for people with dehydrated skin and even for people with normal skin. I have no idea how it will turnout for someone with oily skin.
You'll start your day with a super healthy & bright look.
I would like to test it with the Photo-Hydrate day cream, just to receive the optimal effect, I do think I’ll make a trip to the pharmacy one of these days and pick that one up!

Note this does not take care of any fine lines or wrinkles, it’s a serum that will make your skin look brighter and plumped.
All in all I give this product an 7,5/10 as a serum and can’t wait to try some other products of this Talika skincare line.

Talika Photo Hydra Serum retails for € 49 and is available in your local pharmacy or online.

Do you use any Talika products?

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