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A couple of weeks ago I received a large box with several different beauty items. Needless to say I started testing right away! Just to give you a heads up this is a short description of each prodcut according the website. A blogpost per product will follow very soon!

According to the website:

A seaweed extract with a "rejuvenating" effect on the appearance of wrinkles.

The discovery of a seaweed extract, Alaria esculenta, which helps lower progerin levels (progerin is known as the protein that causes accelerated ageing), was an incredible one.

The active ingredients in this marvellous day cream will help to: Relax expression lines; lower progerin levels (the protein that causes accelerated ageing); instantly lift the skin.
Result : It will act on all types of wrinkle (whether caused by age, dehydration or expression lines). It will firm the skin on the cheeks, giving younger-looking skin and an instant lifting effect.

 According to the website:

The Laboratoire Garancia has created the first Sheer Veil Foundation in liquid powder form that perfects, mattifies, brightens and protects skin from pollution while enhancing youthfulness. Quite an optical illusion!

Hallucinogen® is the perfect combination of high-tech make-up and scientific skin care research.
Wave goodbye to unsightly tidemarks and the mask-like effect. The bare-faced look is entering a new era thanks to a new generation of foundations!
Its unique liquid powder texture provides a velvety, powder finish: A 100% natural effect!  And what's more, it's silicone-free!

According to the website:

Much more than a simple night cream, PHOTO-HYDRA NIGHT is the 1st cream whose intense and lasting moisturizing action is triggered by energy from energy from artificial light. Suffused with Hydra-Night Photo Beauty®, this revolutionary cream allows each cell to maintain an optimum moisture level, to neutralize free radicals all night long and repair skin DNA. The nocturnal regeneration and hydrating process is optimum. 

Results : Night after night, skin is replumped and hydrated.
According to the website:
Women dream of being able to seduce with a simple bat of lashes.
Thanks to TALIKA, the expert in eyelash care since 1948, this dream is at last within our reach.
Infinitely long, intensely colored and delicately curled eyelashes. The Lipocils Expert serum contains the same complex of 12 plants and silk protein as Lipocils to condition and support the natural growth of eyelashes. In addition, powerful natural ingredients are added for the curling and color intensification of eyelashes for a lengthening and thickening effect.
Clinical tests have shown a natural eyelash growth of 2.4 mm in just 28 days using Lipocils Expert. In addition, women with light or not very dark lashes experienced a 50% increase in color intensity of the lashes*. After just a week of use, your lashes will appear visibly thicker and healthier!  * In a clinical study with 30 volunteers , an average eyelash growth of 2.4 mm and lash color increase by 50% was observed after 28 days. 
According to the website:
PHOTO-HYDRA SERUM is the 1st serum to use energy from natural light to delve deep into skin and moisturize it. Suffused in HYDRA-PHOTO BEAUTY® and hyaluronic acid, this hyper concentrated formula creates an effective water reservoir both between and inside cells. The hydration level is optimal.
Results: After 3 days , +86% deep hydration (dermis)* The skin is immediately and intensely refreshed, replumped and beautified.
*ex-vivo test on 8 subjects
With my dehydrated skin I'm extra excited about this product. Fingers crossed this will work!
According to the website:
"I wanted to create an anti-ageing product with exceptional powers so every woman may rest assured that her skin will be flawless, protected and young-looking, regardless of her age. Throughout my quest for the Holy Grail, I remained convinced that miraculous resources were hidden away under the cover of eternal snow. I chose to use Snow Algae, a unique active ingredient with unrivalled properties that can bring the biological clock to a stop so that we may remain forever young. To preserve its mighty power, I drew inspiration from the savoir-faire of the greatest jewelers, namely from the art of stone setting. Snow Algae is kept locked away, as if in a jewelry box, until it is brought into contact with the skin. Only then is it released from its casing to blend perfectly into the skin."
They work with ALGAE, could this be a La Mer dupe?
All products mentionned above are available in the pharmacy, , online or in an IU-store.
As soon as I've tested every product for a descent amount of time, you'll be able to read a full and honest review on each item. Pinky promise!
Thank you Cosmxpert for sending me these products.
Have you ever used any of the products above?
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