Friday, 27 May 2016

Extensions By The Concept

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to change my hairstyle. I have very thin hair that doesn’t grow that easily so what to do? Cut it into a Lob (long bob) ? Or add some volume and length with hair extensions? I decided to try out the hair extensions and made an appointment at The Concept. The lovely Fia made me feel at ease by telling me that she only uses high quality hair from the brand Mayacoba, and that she only works with micro rings. Working with micro rings means that there is no heat needed to secure the extensions to your own hair. This method makes sure that your own hair won’t get damaged. After a horrible experience with wax extensions, this convinced me to opt for extensions again.

When you have extensions you need to take extra care (special shampoo, special brush,...)of your hair, but then again you’ll be happy that you can keep the extensions that much longer. After 6 weeks I have another appointment with Fia to make sure that the extensions stay at the right location, because your own hair keeps on growing after all. I’m so excited about them, I really can’t see my hair without extensions anymore, it will be hard to say goodbye to them (if that is ever necessary).
I must say we are a couple of weeks later now and I only get compliments on my hair. Nobody can tell if it’s real or fake, just the way I wanted it!
Before extensions
First step, separate the hairs
Close up of how the bands fit on your head
Front view
Everything attached!

Before cut and styling

Side view before styling
Finished result: Extensions + cut + styling by The Concept
Loving these extensions and eager to get some yourself? Make an appointment at THE CONCEPT and make sure to mention Cocktails & Glamour as you will receive a discount.
Normal price € 280 for 1 double band (this is enough when you have fine hair, like me) including styling + cut. NOW this will only cost you € 250  with the code: COCKTAILS & GLAMOUR. If you need an extra double band for extra volume, this will cost € 125 extra. (promotion is valid until the end of august 2016)
What do you think? Will you make an appointment?

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