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Recently, thanks to a Newsengine event, I discovered the new DORO 8031 Smartphone.

It’s a Smartphone especially created for the 50+ generation who still wants to have the same gadgets as the younger generations but in a very simple way.

My mom (54 years old) was the first person to try the phone. She has an Iphone at the moment and she actually said that, whenever she’s in need of a new phone, sh would buy a Doro phone instead of an Iphone. Remarkable, isn’t it? I asked her “why?” and she told me that she never had a phone that was this simple to use. You have a large screen that makes it easy to read and type and you can have all the options an Iphone has for a much lower price.

The second one to try the Smartphone, and who became the owner of it is my grandma (76 years old). I must say, she does try to keep up with her grandchildren with all things technology, but she needed a new phone. She took a look at the Doro 8031, and was directly sold! This screen was great, she could really read every message very well. She has her 4 most important contacts on the homepage (no need to look for someone), there is an emergency button if something goes wrong, the “I WANT TO” button makes it super simple in using it and there is a descent camera to take pictures. She’s so proud of her new Smartphone that she’s telling all of her friends about it! Cute right? :-)

Some facts about the DORO 8031 Smartphone:

  • GPS function
  • Can be used by people with hearing problems
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Easy use thanks to the “I WANT TO” button
  • Google play store access (so you can have all the apps like a normal smartphone)
  • 4G
  • Assistance button 

If you are interested you can find out more here.
The Doro 8031 retails at €189 and is available at Fnac, Selexion & Mediamarkt. Not that expensive for a smartphone, right? When I first saw it, it would have been around the €400 price, so this really surprised me!

What do you think about the Doro 8031 Smartphone? Isn’t this the perfect gift for upcoming Mothers day?
 XO S.
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