Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Recently I realized that I’m already living on my own for 4 years… time flies!

When I moved in to my apartment, I didn’t have much money left to decorate it completely how I wanted. I made the decision to invest more in my living room area (and off course lot’s of closets in my dressing) than in my bedroom. I bought a nice and comfy, not too expensive, bed & some night lamps and that was it. I got an old drawer and mirror from my parents, and got some fabric in a discount store to create curtains. After 4 years it’s time to finally (re)decorate the bedroom ! I called in the help of my friend A, who has an eye for decorating, and we started browsing in what would suit my black! bed and grey walls.

On the wish list?

  • New curtains
  • A desk (I found out that I really need a small desk area) + chair
  • Re-vamping my old drawer or buy a new one
  • Wall art
  • A rug
  • Pillows
  • New bed sheets


Turns out everything we like isn’t easy to get in Belgium. The only option was to go online and start browsing the world wide web for affordable options. First things first I started with searching for curtain fabric, with a nice pattern and most of all AFFORDABLE!

After plenty of e-mailing and looking for several hours in the internet I stumbled upon the . They had the kind of pattern I liked in the color I wanted. Only, ordering online without seeing and touching the fabric in real life? This made me hesitate! Luckily for me offers you the possibility to order a sample of the fabric of your choice at €1,68 a piece. Perfect for when you are doubting which pattern would suit your room best!

Here’s a sneak peak of the patterns that I ordered:

I hope these will turn out great so I can order my curtain fabric from them.

How about you? Would you order your fabric online?

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