Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy 2016 everyone! I wish you all the love and joy you want in 2016. Let’s talk about those New Year’s resolutions you’ve made on New Year’s eve! Everyone always tells that they are going to be more healthy etc and when January has passed nobody cares anymore.  This year I want it to be different! I started to “plan” my resolutions debut December 2015 and hope to keep up with them in 2016.

What are they?

Exercise & eat as healthy as possible

Cliché I know. The best gift I gave myself in 2015 was to work out with a personal trainer. This isn’t cheap, but worth every single penny ! I’m combining my workouts with (sort of) a healthy lifestyle and I feel SO much happier. I really want to keep this going in 2016.

Budgeting & Saving

2016 will be the year that I will up my saving game and start to budget my expenses. This will be an eye opener and very confronting. I already created an excel spreadsheet so everything is ready, there is no way back!


I want to discover the world ! At this moment I don’t have the budget to travel the whole world but I’ll start this year with some nice city trips and a vacation to Ibiza. Hopefully I can add many more countries to my list.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016?


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