Monday, 26 October 2015

La Mer - The renewal oil

A Couple of weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Katia from Beautyminded to discover La Mer’s newest revolution: THE RENEWAL OIL.

We started the afternoon with the La Mer history and an introduction to the complete La Mer range, but that will be another blogpost. Did you know that La Mer was created, 50 years ago, by doctor Max Huber who began his process after having severe burns from a laboratory accident. After 12 years and more than 6000 experiments the Miracle Broth was born and the rest is history. La Mer became one of the most famous luxury skincare brands in the world. You can even say it’s a cult product.

We had to chance to try the famous Crème De La Mer, which exists in 5 different textures so that there is one suited for every skin type.  But the real reason why we were invited to the Estee Lauder HQ's was Off course The Renewal Oil. I must say before using the oil, I was really skeptic about adding an oil to my skincare routine, as I have an acne prone skin.

The Renewal Oil  is a dry and versatile oil that works very soothing on the skin. The oil consists of 2 phases, the famous Miracle broth and a mix of active substances from the sea, which provide a cell rejuvenating energy to make the skin smooth and silky together. You need to do the special “La Mer Shake” to mix both phases together. Don’t shake the bottle up and down but in front of you and back (not that easy to explain on paper J ).

What do I mean with versatile oil? If you like to discover it yourself you can check the hashtag #LaMerArtOfPlay and you’ll find cases from people all over the world using the Renewal Oil in different ways. There are people that use the oil on their lips, their hair, you can mix it with your cleanser,…

Personally I started using the oil in the evening during the weekend, being a bit scared that my face would turn out horrible. On the contrary, after using it at night I really liked the effect on my skin, a healthy glow. The first week I started using the Renewal Oil I got sick, a horrible cold. Normally my nose would turn completely red and flaky, this time it didn’t! I “blame” it on The Renewal Oil for keeping my skin incredible, I even started using it during the day before I put on my moisturizer. I had never ever thought that I would integrate an oil in to my skincare routing but The Renewal Oil gives my face a healthy glow and I love it! The Renewal Oil smells very nice and, for me, it's even a calming/relaxing scent. It really starts working as an addiction and I’m pretty sure that, when I run out of my luxury sample, I’ll head over to the nearest store and buy the full bottle!

What do you girls think about the Renewal Oil? Are you already using an oil in your skincare routine?


PS: A big thank you to Katia and the La Mer team for such a great and informative afternoon ! Job very well done :-)

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