Friday, 16 October 2015

How I save up for designer items

As you already saw/read on this blog I have an eye for pretty things, most of them being designer items.

Unfortunately I’m not loaded with money that I can buy every single item I like/love, but on the other hand that’s a good thing! That way I appreciate every item even more and I’m sure that I’ll take good care of it. I’ve made it a yearly tradition to buy an incredible ugly piggy bank, one that you can’t open (very important) so that I can start saving for the item that I’m lusting over at that time.

If you are interested in following my lead, this is how to:

Buy a piggy bank – make sure that you can’t open this piggy bank during your saving time! I mostly buy an incredibly ugly one that you can only open with a can opener and that’s very cheap (more  money left to put in to the bank). If you want you can decorate the piggy bank with pictures of the item(s) that you are saving up for as an extra motivation.

Stick a piece of paper on the bottom of the piggy bank, this is where you’ll be writing down the amounts you are putting in to it. Remember you can’t open it to count how much is already in it, so make sure you write it down every time! :-)

After this it's up to you on how much you’ll save up each week/month/… for your beloved item.

I know there are a lot more saving options, but this one works best for me when I really want to buy something expensive. When I’ve saved enough for the item, I open the piggy bank and go straight to the store. I can buy my item without touching my savings account and fully enjoy my new purchase!

This year I think the piggy bank will be used for vacations, I feel like travelling a lot in 2016.

Will you be following this tip? What are you saving up for?


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