Monday, 28 September 2015

MAC Prep + prime Natural Radiance - Radiant Pink

As told in my previous MAC blogpost I went a bit crazy in the MAC store ! I reviewed the latest Studio Water Weight foundation and raved about it, but that wasn’t the only product I’ve picked up and been loving ever since!

Let’s talk about make-up primers. I never ever used one until I bought it that Saturday. The MAC Prep + prime base Natural Radiance in the shade radiant pink (there is also a yellow version for people with yellow undertones).

This illuminating makeup base is to be applied before the foundation, with the purpose of blurring fine lines, pores and any imperfection. Also, this oil-controlling primer is to help the foundation/powder last longer, giving an even and a nice glow, without making the skin oily.

 After applying the primer it doesn’t  leave my skin feeling tacky, instead it feels soft and my “fine lines” are gently blurred out. You can even use this around your eye contours ! Can you make the connection why I loved It so much in the store? Bye bye fine lines around my eyes…

How to apply? I first moisturize my face as a last step of my skincare routine, then I take a tiny bit (same amount as your moisturizer) of the primer to cover my complete face. It blends out incredibly well because it has such a light texture. Your face will be left with a little radiance, a healthy glow.

When using this primer my make up will last all day long, it doesn’t need any touch ups during the day, isn’t that amazing? I’m currently really liking this base but then again I can’t really compare because I’ve never used any other make-up base/primer. Why haven’t I tried this before?  Little side note, this product does contain silicones. If you are allergic to them or you’ll get breakouts from silicones I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Do you use a make up primer? Which one?


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