Friday, 25 September 2015

Fitness Friday Week 2 + 3

Week 2: Monday 07/09/2015 - Sunday 13/09/2015
Week 3: Monday 14/09/2015 - Sunday 20/09/2015

Hello Fitgirls ! bad blogger over here, as I’m typing this I realized that I haven’t posted last week! This post will be an update of 2 weeks to make up with you girls.

Step by step I’m developing a routine, although the BBG still is a big sacrifice for me. I just don’ t know why? The first time I could do every planned workout and now I’m just not feeling it :-/

Week 2 went horribly wrong. Just until Wednesday I was still sore from my first attempt of Kayla’s week 1 Legs & Cardio the week before (6 days of extreme soreness!). Week 3 I was starting to get my mojo  back! :-) Still no Kayla and only cardio! Anyone has a tip how to get back on track with BBG?

Due to the extreme soreness I couldn't restart my BBG workouts, I was afraid to make it even worse. 
Apparently I was this sore because I hadn’t had enough protein right after my workout. You need to eat/drink protein in the 30 minutes after an intensive workout. Still figuring out how I’m going to do this!

Foodwise I'm still counting my kcal's on my Fitness Pall app, it's working. One day is better than the other but then again, I still have to live a little and I had some occasions where there was wine and champagne and I had a glass (or two...)

Workout Schedule week 2:

Tuesday: Liss – Hypoxi (50 minutes – 270 kcal)
Friday: Liss – Hypoxi (50 minutes – 285 kcal)

Workout Schedule week 3:

Wednesday - Running ( 34 minutes - 299 kcal)
Thursday - Hypoxi (50 minutes - 288 kcal)
Saturday - Hypoxi (50 minutes - 289 Kcal)
Sunday - Running (27 minutes - 224 kcal)

For those who live in Belgium/The Netherlands you must have heard about Start 2 Run. I downloaded the app. This is really great if you like to start/get back on track with running. You can choose your own music and the app will tell you when to run and when to walk. It also tracks you kcal's and the km's. I like it, waaaay better than the first attempt they made and when you had to listen to the same music over and over again. I'm a fan :-)

Another thing I talked about the first week was to get some more healthy recipe ideas. I bought the book Everydaydetox by DETOXINISTA .

This isn’t a juice detox book or anything. Instead this is a cookbook with 100 healthy recipes that you can eat on a daily basis, everything is covered from breakfast to snacks and deserts, all healthy! There isn’t an extreme ingredients list and it’s all easy to prepare. As I’m writing this I’m still reading the book, there’s a chapter on food paring for better digestion, and I’m placing sticky notes on all the recipes I want to recreate. (I've already made the stuffed sweet potatoe and it was amazing!) You’ll see them pass by on the blog!

How’s your journey to a healthy lifestyle going? If you have any tips on how to get on the BBG wagon again, Shoot!

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