Monday, 7 September 2015

Beauty Pillow

I had read about the benefits of a satin/silk pillow on many blogs and wanted to try them for ages, but the high end pricecard always stopped me from ordering it. That was until one of my good friend F told me she had one, and guess what? It was affordable! F had received her "Beauty Pillow" as a gift and couldn't recommend it more. I knew I just had to order it asap.

Why a satin pillow case? Due to the fine, smooth structure of the satin, skin and hair retains its moisture and sebum production is optimally regulated. Satin also has a polishing effect. The result is beautiful, smooth skin without impurities and shiny hair without tangles. Who doesn’t want that?

Are there other benefits from sleeping on a satin pillowcase?

·         Anti-ageing; reduces wrinkles and offers younger looking, radiant skin.
·         Fights pimples, acne and impurities.
·         Soothes skin irritation.
·         Keeps you cool during nightly perspiration.
·         No more sleep wrinkles after a restless night.
·         Provides easy to comb and shiny hair.
·         Prevents split ends.
·         Reduces greasy hair.
·         Intensifies effects of skin and hair products.
·         Dust mite and allergen resistant.

I can’t speak for the ant-ageing effect of the pillowcase at this moment, but I must say my hair is a lot more tamable than it was before! And that’s already a plus!

The pillow case is easy to maintain, you just wash it on 40 degrees, the white one, which is recommended for acne skin, is even washable at 60 degrees. I love mine and I’m going to order another one. An extra one will make it easier to switch between washes!

If you like to order a Beauty Pillow, I bought mine on website for only € 22, 95.

What do you girls think about the Beauty Pillow?


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