Wednesday, 26 August 2015


A scarf ring is a very neglected piece of jewelry, but ever so handy. They come in many designs and colors, from different brands.

I,myself, I own this Hermès Régate scarf ring and I must say it changed my life! First there was the Hermès Carré that came in to my life as a birthday present from my lovely girlfriends. Unfortunately my mom had a rather bad experience with her first Hermès Carré (she lost her Carré whilst wearing it!) I was so afraid of losing mine that I didn't dare to wear it that much...Enter the Hermès scarf ring.

On one of my shoppingtrips I decided to visit the Hermès store and take a look at the new Carré designs. Whilst I was looking I noticed that the SA was wearing her scarf with this particular ring. She explaind to me that they are desgined to keep your scarf all tied up so you can't loos it. I NEEDED THIS! And so it happened, I bought myself and my mom (her birthday was coming up) a Régate scarf ring. The Régate can be used in different ways so you don't need to wear your scarf always in the same way. I use it everytime when I wear my Hermès Carré and I've never lost it once ;-) Mission completed!

If you own silk scarfs definitly take a closer look into a scarf ring, it will very much change your life.

I can't remember how much they costed when I bought them, but on the current Hermès website this model, named the Régate, is priced at: €145 or  $175 .

Do you own a scarf ring?


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