Monday, 13 July 2015


Lately I’ve added some REN products into my skincare regime. I’ve heard so many good things about the brand that I just had to try it.

First up in line was the:  REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm and Lift Eye Cream (15ml). I’m all about eye cream! I have a very dry under eye area so this is a necessary step in my morning and evening routine. Some people don’t understand the effect of a good eye cream, but you’ll notice when you have a good one. The “keep young and beautiful firm and lift” doesn’t do the trick for me. It was the first REN product I ever used and I was disappointed. It’s a moisturizing cream but not more than that. I was expecting that the cream would make my eye area brighter and even out that horrible dry-line I have at my right eye.  So I’ve you are looking for a moisturizing eye cream you can opt for this one, but I’m sure there are others that do this as well.

Next  was the REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser (150ml).  A rich two phase cleanser that purifies, decongests, gently exfoliates and removes all make up. I always remove my make up before using a cleanser (I use Bioderma). This cleanser is great for my combination/dehydrated skin. I only use it in the evening as a 2nd cleanse.  It leaves my skin smooth without drying it out or irritating it.

Final product I bought was the REN Clarimatte Clarifying Toner (150ml). I never had a combination skin, more a dry skin. So lately as my skin is changing I’m experience acne! HORROR! Especially on my chin and T-zone. When I feel that my skin is going “bad” I use this toner at night after cleansing . This is a gentle, alcohol free,  acid toner. It preps your skin for treatments and moisturizing and does a good job at keeping the shine away from my T-zone. Be aware this is a very drying toner, so I personally don’t use it on an everyday base. Whenever I use this toner I really see a difference after only a few days of using it. Breakouts are minimized and my skin feels smoother. As you can read I’m loving this Clarimatte Clarifying Toner and will probably repurchase it.

Interested in buying REN skincare? I always buy from LOOK FANTASTIC, they offer free shipping to Belgium and they often have discount codes.

REN skincare is also available at Parfuma !

What are your toughts on REN skincare? Do u use their products?


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