Friday, 17 July 2015

Eyelash Extensions

Before heading over to Barcelona my last beautystop was at “The Concept” a beauty salon in Schilde (Belgium), owned by the lovely Fia, for my eyelash extensions.

First of all let me start by saying, I already have very long eye lashes, so I’m not unsatisfied with my own lashes, I just didn’t want to have my mascara running all the time when it’s 30 degrees outside, too much fuss ! Together with my Benebrow, these eyelash extensions would make my life easier. Get out of bed, do my skincare routine and if necessary put on some foundation and I’m ready to go!

Fia placed the eyelashes one by one, an extremely difficult and punctual job, but she did great! I told her I wanted “bambi eyes” and after laying still for an hour I got them. She told me that my eyes needed to be “waterfree” for about 48h, the time that the glue would settle. And that I couldn't use any eyeproducts with oil in them. I don't think that I ever used any products with oil for my eyes so that shouldn't be a problem. 

Like your natural eye lashes, these extensions won’t last forever. You natural lashes will fall out every 60 to 90 days. The extensions need to be refilled every 3 – 4 weeks, or remove them (a professional needs to do this).

An important tip is not to neglect your own eyelashes! "Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extensions."  Due make sure that there is NO OIL in the serum, when the lashes get in touch with oil the will start coming off. Fia recommended me the Revitalash advanced serum, this product isn't for sale in Belgium at the moment, make sure you tell her you'd like one when you make your appointement and Fia will have it. In my experience I can tell you that day 2 and day 3 of your lashes might feel "heavy" on the eyes. That's completely normal, there's an extra weight on your eyelids and your eyes need to adjust to that.

And now for the big reveal, here they are:

BEFORE - no mascara


A new set of eyelash extensions will set you back €90. But for my Belgian readers I have a surprise! During Summer 2015 you'll receive a special price when you mention Cocktails & Glamour. Fia will place your new set of eyelashes for only €70! A bargain, no? If you like to get your eyelashes refilled after 3- 4 weeks this will cost you €40.

Make sure you take a look at Fia’s beauty Salon THE CONCEPT, she offers way more than only eyelash extensions!

Will you try the eyelash extensions?


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