Friday, 17 July 2015

Benefit Brow Bar

As I’m heading to Barcelona very soon, I don’t want to take a whole lot of make up with me. (makeup free days all week!) So I decided to treat myself to a Benefit brow tint + wax and to some eye lash extensions (more on that soon). This means I don’t need to pack any mascara or brow make up! More room for clothes?! :-)

My friend A. has always been a big Benefit Brow fan, and after reading some more about it I decided to take the plunge. I must admit I was scared! I’m in my twenties and I’ve never ever had my brows tinted.The only eyebrow product I use is the “Benefit Gimme Brow”, which was already a miracle worker for me.

I arrived at Inno Meir (Antwerp) and there it was the Benefit Brow Bar, a small counter at the ground floor. After a little introduction to the Benefit Brow Bar, we decided on how I wanted my brows. Let’s get started! My brow stylist Kethana, took a good look at my eyebrows and started to “draw” on them with some vaseline. She worked very toroughly! The vaseline was used to make sure that when she uses the browtint on my eyebrows, it won’t go all over my face! Kethana decided to go for a light brown tint on my eyebrows. It sounded like HORROR to me! (I’m a natural blonde) Is it going to be too harsh? Normally she would leave the tint on my eyebrows for 3 minutes, we agreed on 2 minutes (slight relieve from my part). After Kethana got rid of the residue tint, my eyebrows already looked AMAZING! Take note this was before she even waxed a hair. Then she started the waxing process.

A photo says more than words, so here we go…

BEFORE (as you can see, barely any eyebrow in sight, and no mascara!)


The aftershot speaks for itself, Kethana worked wonders with my eyebrows. I’m now the proud owner of BENEBROWS (as Benefit calls them).  When the waxing was done Kethana worked away all the redness around my eyes. First she massaged them (oh yes an eye massage, loved it!) with a soothening balm and then she started covering it up with the Benefit foundation/concealer. She also made sure I had a little blush on my cheeks and some gloss on my lips. After a 45 minutes eyebrow session I was good to go! If you book an appointement, make sure that you have time, you won’t be able to leave after 15 minutes!

The tint will hold for about 4 weeks, than you’ll have to re-do it. It doesn’t come cheap (€ 31 for the tint + waxing) but for a girl with blonde eye brows this can turn into an addiction! If you are interested in just getting them waxed it will set you back € 21. You'll find a Benefit Brow Bar in different INNO's in Belgium, just call ahead to make an appointment.

Would you go for a BENEBROW?

XO S. 

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