Friday, 17 July 2015

Eyelash Extensions

Before heading over to Barcelona my last beautystop was at “The Concept” a beauty salon in Schilde (Belgium), owned by the lovely Fia, for my eyelash extensions.

First of all let me start by saying, I already have very long eye lashes, so I’m not unsatisfied with my own lashes, I just didn’t want to have my mascara running all the time when it’s 30 degrees outside, too much fuss ! Together with my Benebrow, these eyelash extensions would make my life easier. Get out of bed, do my skincare routine and if necessary put on some foundation and I’m ready to go!

Fia placed the eyelashes one by one, an extremely difficult and punctual job, but she did great! I told her I wanted “bambi eyes” and after laying still for an hour I got them. She told me that my eyes needed to be “waterfree” for about 48h, the time that the glue would settle. And that I couldn't use any eyeproducts with oil in them. I don't think that I ever used any products with oil for my eyes so that shouldn't be a problem. 

Like your natural eye lashes, these extensions won’t last forever. You natural lashes will fall out every 60 to 90 days. The extensions need to be refilled every 3 – 4 weeks, or remove them (a professional needs to do this).

An important tip is not to neglect your own eyelashes! "Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extensions."  Due make sure that there is NO OIL in the serum, when the lashes get in touch with oil the will start coming off. Fia recommended me the Revitalash advanced serum, this product isn't for sale in Belgium at the moment, make sure you tell her you'd like one when you make your appointement and Fia will have it. In my experience I can tell you that day 2 and day 3 of your lashes might feel "heavy" on the eyes. That's completely normal, there's an extra weight on your eyelids and your eyes need to adjust to that.

And now for the big reveal, here they are:

BEFORE - no mascara


A new set of eyelash extensions will set you back €90. But for my Belgian readers I have a surprise! During Summer 2015 you'll receive a special price when you mention Cocktails & Glamour. Fia will place your new set of eyelashes for only €70! A bargain, no? If you like to get your eyelashes refilled after 3- 4 weeks this will cost you €40.

Make sure you take a look at Fia’s beauty Salon THE CONCEPT, she offers way more than only eyelash extensions!

Will you try the eyelash extensions?


This post was NOT sponsored, everything mentioned is my own opinion.


The latest IT-bag in fashionland is the Drew Chloé handbag,  spotted on the shoulders of many celebrities and influencers. The original Chloé Drew bag comes in 3 sizes: Medium, Small and Mini. With a price tag around €1200€.
For those who love this bag, but can't afford it at the moment I started to browse the net to find an alternative and affordable option for the, oh so wanted, Chloe bag! I found it, and it is VERY affordable! :-) 
Let me present to you the “Joy Drew Faux LeatherShoulder Bag “. Only downside is that it only comes in 1 size, so no options here… but then again at € 25,94 , this isn’t really an issue, is it?
The Joy Drew is available in 4 colors: Black / RedBlue / Burgundy / Black & Red combined, perfect for upcoming fall and winter!

Details of the Joy Drew:
  • Made of high quality faux leather
  • Gold tone hardware
  • Chain strap
  • Pin and clasp fastening front flap 

  • Height 25 cm
  • Width 24 cm
  • Depth 10 cm
What do you girls think? Will you go for the real deal or the steal?


Sources: Google images, Baginc

Benefit Brow Bar

As I’m heading to Barcelona very soon, I don’t want to take a whole lot of make up with me. (makeup free days all week!) So I decided to treat myself to a Benefit brow tint + wax and to some eye lash extensions (more on that soon). This means I don’t need to pack any mascara or brow make up! More room for clothes?! :-)

My friend A. has always been a big Benefit Brow fan, and after reading some more about it I decided to take the plunge. I must admit I was scared! I’m in my twenties and I’ve never ever had my brows tinted.The only eyebrow product I use is the “Benefit Gimme Brow”, which was already a miracle worker for me.

I arrived at Inno Meir (Antwerp) and there it was the Benefit Brow Bar, a small counter at the ground floor. After a little introduction to the Benefit Brow Bar, we decided on how I wanted my brows. Let’s get started! My brow stylist Kethana, took a good look at my eyebrows and started to “draw” on them with some vaseline. She worked very toroughly! The vaseline was used to make sure that when she uses the browtint on my eyebrows, it won’t go all over my face! Kethana decided to go for a light brown tint on my eyebrows. It sounded like HORROR to me! (I’m a natural blonde) Is it going to be too harsh? Normally she would leave the tint on my eyebrows for 3 minutes, we agreed on 2 minutes (slight relieve from my part). After Kethana got rid of the residue tint, my eyebrows already looked AMAZING! Take note this was before she even waxed a hair. Then she started the waxing process.

A photo says more than words, so here we go…

BEFORE (as you can see, barely any eyebrow in sight, and no mascara!)


The aftershot speaks for itself, Kethana worked wonders with my eyebrows. I’m now the proud owner of BENEBROWS (as Benefit calls them).  When the waxing was done Kethana worked away all the redness around my eyes. First she massaged them (oh yes an eye massage, loved it!) with a soothening balm and then she started covering it up with the Benefit foundation/concealer. She also made sure I had a little blush on my cheeks and some gloss on my lips. After a 45 minutes eyebrow session I was good to go! If you book an appointement, make sure that you have time, you won’t be able to leave after 15 minutes!

The tint will hold for about 4 weeks, than you’ll have to re-do it. It doesn’t come cheap (€ 31 for the tint + waxing) but for a girl with blonde eye brows this can turn into an addiction! If you are interested in just getting them waxed it will set you back € 21. You'll find a Benefit Brow Bar in different INNO's in Belgium, just call ahead to make an appointment.

Would you go for a BENEBROW?

XO S. 

Fashion Wednesdays

Hey Girls!

Starting from next week every wednesday will be FASHION WEDNESDAY ! This means that you can read a blogpost about everything "fashion": the launch of a new brand, what's trending right now, a lookbook,... you name it, it's possible!

Will you be reading the Fashion Wednesday posts?


Monday, 13 July 2015


Lately I’ve added some REN products into my skincare regime. I’ve heard so many good things about the brand that I just had to try it.

First up in line was the:  REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm and Lift Eye Cream (15ml). I’m all about eye cream! I have a very dry under eye area so this is a necessary step in my morning and evening routine. Some people don’t understand the effect of a good eye cream, but you’ll notice when you have a good one. The “keep young and beautiful firm and lift” doesn’t do the trick for me. It was the first REN product I ever used and I was disappointed. It’s a moisturizing cream but not more than that. I was expecting that the cream would make my eye area brighter and even out that horrible dry-line I have at my right eye.  So I’ve you are looking for a moisturizing eye cream you can opt for this one, but I’m sure there are others that do this as well.

Next  was the REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser (150ml).  A rich two phase cleanser that purifies, decongests, gently exfoliates and removes all make up. I always remove my make up before using a cleanser (I use Bioderma). This cleanser is great for my combination/dehydrated skin. I only use it in the evening as a 2nd cleanse.  It leaves my skin smooth without drying it out or irritating it.

Final product I bought was the REN Clarimatte Clarifying Toner (150ml). I never had a combination skin, more a dry skin. So lately as my skin is changing I’m experience acne! HORROR! Especially on my chin and T-zone. When I feel that my skin is going “bad” I use this toner at night after cleansing . This is a gentle, alcohol free,  acid toner. It preps your skin for treatments and moisturizing and does a good job at keeping the shine away from my T-zone. Be aware this is a very drying toner, so I personally don’t use it on an everyday base. Whenever I use this toner I really see a difference after only a few days of using it. Breakouts are minimized and my skin feels smoother. As you can read I’m loving this Clarimatte Clarifying Toner and will probably repurchase it.

Interested in buying REN skincare? I always buy from LOOK FANTASTIC, they offer free shipping to Belgium and they often have discount codes.

REN skincare is also available at Parfuma !

What are your toughts on REN skincare? Do u use their products?


Wednesday, 8 July 2015


A few weeks ago I found myself at the rooftop terrace of the MIM (Music Instruments Museum) in Brussels for the launch of the #DISaronnoCONNECT parties.

Before you settle on the terrace, you go through a lock chamber, this is the last place where you can post something on social media or check yourself in. This is also the place where you need to leave your smartphone behind. 

This is the reason why I don’t have any pictures that are mine, I was in a social blackout you know :-). The #DISaronnoCONNECT parties are created to socialize again without any mobile devices present. I must say, really strange in a world where it’s so normal just to whip out your phone to make a picture, check your social media,…

Obviously the signature drink of the evening is made with Disaronno, it’s the Disaronno Sour. Not my cup of tea I must admit, but those who like amaretto will enjoy the cocktail.

Do you have a friend to whom you would really like to talk but who is addicted to his/her smartphone? Invite them to join you on the #DISaronnoCONNECT terrace and reconnect with your friends.

What to expect? An outdoor terrace with an amazing view, a DJ playing the latest summer tunes and off course the newest summer cocktail: Disaronno Sour.

The next editions in Belgium will take place in Antwerp and Brussels :


When: Thursday July 30 from 7 PM until 11 PM.
Where: Strantwerpen, Jachthavenweg 1, 2050 Antwerp


When: Thursday 27th of August from 7 PM until 11 PM
Where: Terras Gentral Gate, Kantersteen 47, 1000 Brussels

For those who don’t live in Belgium, you can find out if #DisaronnoCONNECT passes by in your country here:

Will you be going to a social blackout with your friends? 


Monday, 6 July 2015

Braun Silk-épil 9-561

Last week I received a package with the BRAUN SILK EPIL 9-561. Apparently I had won the “ZIN IN MEER”  contest (from Procter and Gamble) and was one of the lucky few who could test and review the product.

Knowing that Summer is here, this couldn’t arrive at a better moment!

I’m going to be honest with you girls, I still shave and I have never used an epilator. I guess the reason why is because I don’t really have a lot of hair on my legs and it’s blond.

In the Braun Silk-épil 9 box you get:

          • Silk-épil 9 9-561
          • Shaver head
          • Trimmer cap
          • Skin contact cap
          • Facial cap
          • Charging stand
          • Pouch
          • Cleaning brush
          • Electric cord

Let’s get started! I am not going to lie when I first started using it there was a little bit of discomfort, as in: it hurts A LOT! Remember the first time you/someone plucked your eye brows? At first it hurts but then you get used to the feeling. It’s kind of the same thing with an epilator, it’s like a mechanical tweezer. You can also use the Silk épil 9 in the shower or in you bath (100% waterproof), for a more comfortable epilation. I must try this next time. After the first use my legs were very irritated and red, I was a little worried. Would they stay like this? Overnight my skin "healed" and changed into silky legs, exactly what I was expecting.

The epilator head
The shaver head
The Braun Silk-épil 9 makes hair removal so easy, and the next morning it made my legs feel like I had just had a professional wax at a salon. On the plus side they promise to keep your legs hair free for 4 weeks! Yay!

Only downside of this product? It takes a little bit more time than shaving :-) 
The Braun Silk épil 9-561 is priced at € 124

Would you leave your razor behind for an epilator?


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