Monday, 29 June 2015

Skin Saviors!

I’m almost 28 and, although I never sufferd of acne in my puberty, now a day’s my skin is turning on me. I’m heading over to a combination skin with dehydration and an oily T-zone (Oh yes this exist). ENTER adult acne!:-(

Honestly I really didn’t know what to do and I started to panic. Thankfully my best friend A. told me about the Avène Cleanance line. She hooked me up with a sample of Cleanance K, it worked miracles overnight. I needed this in my life! Little did I know this was discontinued in Belgium. Just my luck! That same week I read Mademoiselle Sophistique’s blog and she introduced me to the Avène Cleanance Triacneal Expert. Hearing about the Avène Cleanance benefits twice in one week? this could'nt be a coincidence! Off to the Pharmacy it was. I asked about the Cleanance K and they informed me that the Cleanance K was replaced by the Cleanance Expert. I went home with the Cleanance Expert and the Triacneal Expert, ready to take care of my skin!

I started using the Cleanance Expert as a day and night moisturizing crème and the Triacneal Expert as a plus on top of it in the evening. I only apply the Triacneal locally, unless you like a yellow face. 

This cure is working for me! My skin isn’t completely acne free (I’m only using it for about a week), but I can see the progress every single day. I’m so glad I got to know these Avène products and I’m sure they will stay a staple piece in my bathroom. All the Avène products are very affordable so they are an option for everyone.

Did you ever use Avène products?


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