Monday, 22 June 2015

Philips Easy Natural Curler


As said in my Vogue Beauty Night Out blogpost I’m going to review the “Philips Easy Natural Curler”.

When I posted my picture on Instagram that night it made me win one of the 3 Easy Natural Curlers Philip’s was giving away. Yay!

The easy curler has a flat iron on both sides, although you can create natural curls with it. Interesting, right?  The plates are the innovative Clip & Curl plates they automatically clip and hold the hair lock whilst styling. The plates are coated with protective ceramic and can only be heated to a temperature of 200°C. This ensures an even heat distribution for shiny and soft hair, and prevents damaging your hair. As said even with a two sided flat iron, you can create amazing curls. I think it’s because of the special tulip design of the iron.

How does it work?

All you need to do is section/divide your hair and take the piece you want to curl. Place the easy curler near the roots and just turn the hair lock around the device. Gently pull it down to the end of your hair. Et voila, a natural curl! It took me about 10 minutes to curl my whole hair, never have curled my hair this fast.

Best thing about the easy curler? You can do all this with just 1 hand AND you can’t burn yourself!

The Easy Natural Curler can be used on short, medium and long hair lengths. Depending on how you curl your hair around it you can create beach waves or real preppy curls.

  • Unique tulip shape to create a perfect natural curl
  • Very lightweight: +/- 500gr
  • Cable cord can rotate  360°
  • Size: estimation of about  24 cm long – plates are 7 cm’s
  • Price range: +/- € 40

My toughts?

  • You can’ t burn yourself
  • Easy to use, there is no fuss
  • Light and small for travelling
  • Ceramic plates to protect your hair
  • Great price

  • The curls don’t really last very long if you have really thick and heavy hair. You’ll need to use enough hair products. (like a good mousse)

Will you try the Philips Easy Natural Curler?


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