Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Vogue Beauty Night Out

Those who follow me on Instagram already had a sneak peak, last week I attended the Vogue Beauty Night Out (VBNO) at the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam. The idea behind this VBNO is that a small group of woman get to discover new brands and products in each suite of the hotel. We were welcomed by these brands:

  • Armani Cosmetics
  • Dermalogica
  • Philips Benelux
  • Doctors Inc
  • Givenchy
  • Ingebrows
  • KMS California
  • Lancaster
  • Philosophy

We started in the KMS California suite, the hairstylist looked at our hair and explained the products to us. I didn’t know the brand and got some volume products for my hair. I must say the Volume shampoo smells great and the Hairplay texturizing spray is there to create that extra “oomph” They recommended me to use the spray on wet hair, but that’s not for me. I’ve tried it but no luck on that department, I had the idea that my hair was a bit grease after blowdrying it. Not the best feeling J However using the spray on dry hair the day itself or the day after is perfect!
Next stop: the Philips suite where we got to test the new Easy Natural Curler. I’ll tell you more on that in a separate blog post!

Dermalogica was our final stop on that floor they were there to do the well known face mapping and to make sure u use the correct skincare. We received some samples and I already got my hands on a full size. I don’t understand why I have never tried the DailyMicrofoliant, but I LOVE it! As from now it’s a staple in my skincare regime.

We went back to the main floor to indulge on the buffet. You get very hungry from al those new discoveries J Luckily for us the Vogue Café was there to the rescue.

Alongside the Vogue Café we also got to discover the "renewed hope in a jar" by Philosophy (separate blog post on his way!), some selftanning by Lancaster, they explain it as Holiday Tan On Demand. I'll let you know more when I dare to try it! :-) 

In the Armani suite we got are makeup done by one of the MUA's discovering the Maestro Fusion Foundation and the Maestro Liquid Summer Bronze. I've had never tried a Giorgio Armani foundation, but I must say: WAUW. They were so light, didn't feel tacky and don’t get into those fine lines. The Maestro fusion foundation is inspired by the thinnest fabric in the world, super organza. The Maestro Liquid Summer is a lightweight bronzer in liquid form that can be applied alone or after Maestro Fusion makeup for a healthy glow. Both products leave a no-make up feeling. PERFECT for summer (or just everyday!).

After all that we didn’t had much time left, so we got up to the first floor to discover Ingebrows (we couldn’t do the workshop because there was no time left), Doctors Inc a cosmetic clinic and Givenchy where we received a personalized lipstick (Yay!! We lover personalized gifts).

At this point the evening came to an end, we decided to grab a cocktail at the bar and leave. We still had to drive 2.5h to get home. But it was worth it!

VBNO was a great experience and I got to discover some great new brands and products.
Would you like to attend VBNO? Which product would you like to see a review of? Let me know!


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