Monday, 16 March 2015

Sundaypost: Time to relax

Sunday is the only day in the week that I have time to pamper myself. Nothing beats waking up on a Sunday morning and taking a nice long and relaxing shower (I don't have a bath, otherwise a bath would be in order).

After my shower I'd like to use my Tory Burch body lotion just. I'm in love with this fragrance and on special occasions and sunday's I use the lotion as well as the perfume, to give an extra boost to the smell.

I'm running a head at this moment! After the lotion it's time for my glamglow mask, depending on how my skin is doing I choose 1 of the 3 well known Glamglow masks. Leave it on untill it's dry (about 15-20 minutes) then rinse my face with some water.

Time to hydrate my face to get trough the day. First I apply the Environ toner, followed by the Environ C-quence eye cream and the AVST 1 moisturizer.

Depending if I need to go out on sunday I'll put on some make up, otherwise my skin will stay make-up free for the day! I get dressed and to finish it off I use my Tory Burch perfume. Oh I love those Sunday mornings....

Do you girls have a Sunday morning routine?


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