Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hello, My name is Paul Smith

Last Thursday I was invited to the opening of the Paul Smith exhibition: “Hello, my name is Paul Smith” at the Fashion museum in Hasselt. A must-see for anyone interested in design and creativity.  'Hello, My Name is Paul Smith' takes visitors on a journey through Paul Smith’s world and showcases and celebrates the brand through collections selected by Paul himself.

I had the honour of having Sir Paul Smith himself as my tour guide trough the exhibition. He's such an honest and down to earth person, filled with creativity and passion for his work.
I’m not going to tell you too much about the exhibition, because then you wouldn’t have to visit it and I really recommend that you do!

Paul Smith in front of a wall with 50 000 buttons, hand glued one by one.
Every shop has 1 special piece (for example the store in Paris has a wall completly covered in coins) - Effort is free of charge 

His very first office, he never cleaned it before moving, just closed the door.

The design studio

When you think of Paul Smith you think of stripes and colours, but did you know that Paul Smith accidently became a fashion designer? His first passion was cycling. The exhibition takes you through Paul’s life, starting from his very first (hotel suite) showroom in Paris, his first shop, first office (completely recreated), all his collaborations, his own photography and of course his clothes! There were some very old pieces, like a David Bowie jacket (they're actually childhood friends) and even pieces from his newest collection.

Paul Smith telling us he was one of the first to use printed lining in his clothes

To make the exhibition even more interactive, Paul Smith joined forces with Sony. Throughout the whole museum you’ll find the latest Sony televisions, the most spectacular one of them all is the 4K television. The Men’s Spring Summer 2014 Paris show was shot in 4K by Sony.  4K TV from Sony means four times the detail of Full HD, making the viewing experience much truer to life.  As we we’re watching the film it was like we were actually present at the show, we could see the tiniest detail (even the complex stitching of the fabric ),  vibrant colours and vivid images. All thanks to the Sony triluminos display technology.  An amazing experience on its own! 

Sony 4K television - Look at that design!

Impressed by the Sony 4K technology? You'll find everything you need to know here (they're called the X9 and S90 range).

The "Hello, my name is Paul Smith" exhibition in the Fashion Museum of Hasselt takes place from January 30th until June 7th 2015.

Xo S.

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