Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Beauty: Skintype

I often get the question: "how do I know what skintype I have ?" so I tought I'd just write a blog about it. There are 5 primary skintypes: normal, dry,oily, sensitive and combination skin.

To determine your current skin type, start by washing your face. (Note: For best results, do not apply any product after washing). In about one hour, your skin will revert back to its "normal" state and will be ready to begin the comparison.

Normal Skin
You have a normal skin when it looks clear and it's even colored. It's neither greasy nor tight. When you cleanse your face, your skin will feel smooth and comfortable no matter what cleanser you use.
Normal skin will only occasionally have outbreaks. At the end of the day it should still look clear.
This is the easiest skintype to take care of.

Dry Skin
You'll know you have dry skintype when your skin loses it moisture quickly, especially in winter and dry seasons. It can feel flaky and rough. Aftwer cleansing your face it can feel tight and sometimes itchy. Generally dry skin has hardly any outbreaks or pimples.

Oily Skin
When you have a shiny complexion, you have oily skin. It generally has open pores. Oily skin is more sensible to pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Oily skin will appear shiny about mid-day (hello blotting paper!) and you'll often experience outbreaks.

Sensitive Skin
When you skin feels dry or itchy in some areas after washing it with a cleanser you'll know you have a sensitive skin. Flaky patches and some redness may appear mid-day or after using a cleanser that is too strong for you.

Combination Skin
When you're oily in the T-zone and you're dry on your cheeks you'll have a combination skin.
Occasionally you'll have a breakout in your T-zone. Basically it's going to be a combination of all the characteristics above.

It's really important to figure out your skintype if you want your skincare products to work for you! Also remember that while your initial skin type is genetically determined, as you grow, your skin type becomes increasingly influenced by what you eat and your overall health lifestyle.

Do you know your skintype?

Xo S.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Beauty:Cashmere Cleanse


Clarisonic, the very first brand, who launched the original sonic skin cleansing system.
Everyone raved about it, and almost everyone has one (or at least all the beauty addicts ;-) ). Now a day Clarisonic isn't the only brand on the market with the sonic skincare system. They needed to "up there game" and invent something new, enter the Cashmere Cleanse Luxe Brush Head.

I must be honest, I don't use my Clarisonic Mia 2 all the time. Sometimes it was just to harsh on my face (I used the sensitive brush). I mostely use it after a day/evening with a lot of make up, just to be sure I get rid of everything. This routine works perfect for me. And then I heard about the new brushes, it was time to replace mine, so I went for the Cashmere one.

Oh boy! This  was an eye opener! The Cashmere brush is SO extremely soft, I can't see it causing an issue for anyone. The brush took my Clarisonic device to a whole other level. Perhaps it won't do as much work as the "normal" clarisonic brushes if you don't precleanse your face, but I always do so for me the results are wonderful. Using this brush is like having a mini facial every evening, just a little treat for my face.

As you can see the hairs of the brush are a lot longer than these of the sensitive brush. I made one little mistake when I used it for the first time. I've put the cleanser on the brush. Do not do that! :-) Because of the long hairs the cleanser just got soaked up in the hairs and nothing ended up on my face. The best way to use the cashmere brush is to apply the Environ cleanser on my face and then I start the cleaning with my Clarisonic Mia 2 and enjoy the mini-facial.

The normal brushes need to be replaced after 3 months, I have no idea how long these luxe versions will last.

The luxe range exists of 3 different brush models:
  • Satin Precision Brush Head
  • Cashmere Brush Head
  • Velvet Foam Body Brush Head

All available at Ici Paris XL (in Belgium) as well as on Sephora for € 30.

What do you girls think? Will you be trying a brush from the luxe line?

Xo S.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hello, My name is Paul Smith

Last Thursday I was invited to the opening of the Paul Smith exhibition: “Hello, my name is Paul Smith” at the Fashion museum in Hasselt. A must-see for anyone interested in design and creativity.  'Hello, My Name is Paul Smith' takes visitors on a journey through Paul Smith’s world and showcases and celebrates the brand through collections selected by Paul himself.

I had the honour of having Sir Paul Smith himself as my tour guide trough the exhibition. He's such an honest and down to earth person, filled with creativity and passion for his work.
I’m not going to tell you too much about the exhibition, because then you wouldn’t have to visit it and I really recommend that you do!

Paul Smith in front of a wall with 50 000 buttons, hand glued one by one.
Every shop has 1 special piece (for example the store in Paris has a wall completly covered in coins) - Effort is free of charge 

His very first office, he never cleaned it before moving, just closed the door.

The design studio

When you think of Paul Smith you think of stripes and colours, but did you know that Paul Smith accidently became a fashion designer? His first passion was cycling. The exhibition takes you through Paul’s life, starting from his very first (hotel suite) showroom in Paris, his first shop, first office (completely recreated), all his collaborations, his own photography and of course his clothes! There were some very old pieces, like a David Bowie jacket (they're actually childhood friends) and even pieces from his newest collection.

Paul Smith telling us he was one of the first to use printed lining in his clothes

To make the exhibition even more interactive, Paul Smith joined forces with Sony. Throughout the whole museum you’ll find the latest Sony televisions, the most spectacular one of them all is the 4K television. The Men’s Spring Summer 2014 Paris show was shot in 4K by Sony.  4K TV from Sony means four times the detail of Full HD, making the viewing experience much truer to life.  As we we’re watching the film it was like we were actually present at the show, we could see the tiniest detail (even the complex stitching of the fabric ),  vibrant colours and vivid images. All thanks to the Sony triluminos display technology.  An amazing experience on its own! 

Sony 4K television - Look at that design!

Impressed by the Sony 4K technology? You'll find everything you need to know here (they're called the X9 and S90 range).

The "Hello, my name is Paul Smith" exhibition in the Fashion Museum of Hasselt takes place from January 30th until June 7th 2015.

Xo S.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Monica Vinader Jewelry

Let me introduce to you: Monica Vinader.

Monica Vinader isn't that well known in Belgium, most of you won't even know the brand. But I know one thing: YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Who is Monica Vinader?  A British luxury jewellery brand that celebrates individuality. Opening up a new category between fashion and fine jewellery, MV creates instantly wearable, contemporary pieces to style, stack and personalise with engraving. Her jewelry is a mix between the highstreet jewelry brand "Accessorize" and the high end Tiffany & Co. This mix creates the perfect everyday jewelry pieces.She works with silver, gold and rose-gold combined with all sorts of gemstones (diamonds as well as crystal, rose quartz,...). The brand is mostley known for there engraved friendship bracelets, and is also a favourite of many celebrities (The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Winslet,...)

Do I have you attention? Interested in where to buy it? MV has several stores in the UK and have FREE worldwide shipping.

 That said, I fell in love with the MV Riva Diamond Hoop ring, I saw it on my trip in London and couldn't stop thinking about it. There was only one way that the ring was going to be mine...Thank god for online shopping! Ordering online isn't easy when you haven't tried the ring on in real life. I really wanted to be sure about the size, luckily for me MV sends you a free ringsizer so you'll know which size to order.

As said the ringsizer arrived and I could order the Riva ring. I doubted a while between gold, rose-gold and silver, but decided to go for the rose gold one. I placed the order on tuesday afternoon and I received it wednesday morning (talk about fast!). The ring was wrapped in the lovely signature MV packaging, such a treat to unwrap.

The Diamond Riva Hoop is classy but edgy. It's subtle enough but still catches compliments as the diamonds sparkle away!

For me this Riva ring is an everyday piece and I keep on staring at it (especially when typing this blog - sparkle sparkle!). Next on my wishlist form MV ist the matching bracelet (and a lot more, but if I should splurge on everything, I would be flat broke!)

Before ending this blog I would like to give some attention to the customer service at MV! Every question I had was quickly answered by them (you can call, e-mail or chat with them), seriously one of the nicest customer services ever!

What do you girls think? Would you buy an MV piece?
Xo S. 

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