Tuesday, 2 June 2015


A while ago I bought the GLAMGLOW SEXY GIFT from Sephora.fr.
I always wanted to try the Glamglow products but I guess the price held me down.  The Glamglow masques are THE masks of the celebrities. Who doesn’t want to try that? J

Glamglow introduced the sexy gift for the holidays: 3 Glamglow masques for the price of 1! This was a deal I just couldn’t resist. In the pack I could find 1 regular size YOUTHMUD and 2 sample sizes: 1 SUPERMUD and 1 THIRSTYMUD.

I started with the Supermud, which eventually appeared to be my favorite one out of the 3. You can use this as a spot treatment or on your entire face, as a real facemask. After applying, leaving it for 15minutes  and cleaning my  face, my skin just felt super soft and clean! When you would like to apply make up afterwards you’ll see that your skin really had a boost and it applies a lot easier.

The Youthmud is a scrub and a mask all in one. When you apply it to the skin it will start tingle-ing (aka burning like hell!) but after 5 minutes this feeling will stop. The mask will be dry in about 15 minutes. When you start cleaning your face this is more a scrub-feeling, your scrubbing your face whilst removing the mask. Afterwards your skin might look a little bit irritated (sensitive skin will have this, because of the scrub effect) I don’t hate this mask, but must say that the tingle-ing effect isn’t that pleasant.

Both masks made my skin really clear, gave it a nice boost, my pores where a lot smaller and both masks prevent some (upcoming) spots. Altough they say that the Supermud is more a "problem skin" mask and the Youthmud is more an "anti-aging" mask I still go for the Supermud (I don't have a problem skin) just because I don't like the burning feeling of the Youthmud.

Thirstymud is more for the skin who really needs to get hydrated! I used it when my skin was completely dry and sensitive, thank you Belgium winters! It works like magic! This mask needs to stay on for about 10-20 minutes. If there is still some product left you can clean it off with a tissue or massage It in to your face. Some people even use this mask as a night cream or when they have a really long flight and want to keep their face hydrated. After a long flight you will get off the plane with a plumpy look on your face.

I was really happy that I could try the 3 existing Glamglow masks (at this time, there's already a 4th on the market), my number one is by far the Supermud, followed with the Thirstymud when in need of hydration. I use the Glamglow masques once a week (mostly on Sunday - pamperday :-)) or, when I have some spots, I’ll use them during the week as a spot treatment. As soon as I run out of these I'll be buying them again, can't imagine my skincare routine without them.

March 2015 Glamglow is introducing cleansers of these 3 Glamglow products in Belgium, I’m already curious about these. What do you think about "mud" cleansers?

Glamglow is for sale at Ici Paris XL, Cosmeticary (they still have some sexy gift packs for sale online!) and Sephora.fr

Would you buy one of these masks? Do you have any mask recommendations?


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