Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Environ Skincare

The past few weeks (over the holidays) I was testing some new products: ENVIRON.
Have you ever heard about this brand? I've heard rumors about it and now I found the brand for sale in an institute in my neighborhood, I just had to try it! 

What makes ENVIRON so unique ?
  1. Environ pioneered the use of high effective doses of vitamin A and antioxidants.
  2. Each product is shown, as a result of lengthy clinical testing by Dr. Fernandes and his team, and by independent collaborators, to be effective and safe.
  3. The Environ range is one of the very few skin care products in the world with their own, sterile manufacturing  facilities and dedicated chemists and state of the art technology. The products are manufactured and  marketed only after thorough and exhaustive testing.
  4. Because of the inclusion of effective ingredients, and the minimal use of preservatives, Environ® skin care   products are packaged in specific containers to protect them from light and air. 
  5. The product offering is suitable for all skin types, all ages and all genders.
  6. Certain ranges are endorsed by the prestigious Swiss Vitamin Institute, ensuring the highest standards of manufacture are maintained.
The most well known skincare range from Environ is the AVST.

The AVST moisturizing creams 1 – 5 contain vitamin A and antioxidants including vitamins E, vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Honeybush and Rooibos Tea Extracts, Resveratrol and Beta-Carotene. The concentration of vitamins A and C increase in the step-up system of the moisturisers. Consumers are, therefore, advised to follow the step-up system. The AVST moisturisers are endorsed by the prestigious Swiss Vitamin Institute ensuring that the client receives the highest quality product with the claimed vitamin content.

My new skincare routine consists of the following steps:

I pre-cleanse with Bioderma, then I cleanse my face with the AVST cleansing lotion followed with the AVST moisturizing toner and I finish it off with the AVST 1 moisturizer.

AVST 1 is the introductory moisturizer for the AVST step-up system. This product contains the lowest concentration of vitamin A, C and antioxidants in the range. This unique emulsion assists in rebalancing and moisturizing the skin.

ENVIRON recommends to use at least one bottle of the moisturizer before going to the next “level”. That way your skin can get used to the high dose of Vitamin A and won’t get irritated.
My idea about it? I’m hooked, I’m sure I’ll be using these products for a long time, and I can’t wait to get to AVST 2, which according to other people is one of the best products in the range!
One negative aspect about these products… they don’t contain an SPF L So you still need to use some sunscreen as protection, or make sure that there is an SPF in your daily make up.

ENVIRON skincare is for sale at special institutes and online at Parfuma.

Will you try these products?

Xo S.

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