Monday, 8 December 2014

London & Paris Shopping Haul!

I've just returned from a shoppingtrip to London and thought you would be curious to know what came home with me.

First stop was Tory Burch, there was a 30% sale going on, so we just had to take a look.
Get 2 TB-addicts in a store with discount and we won't leave empty handed. I got the perfume (no discount unfortunately) and the typical TB cardigan in beige. I already have one and I'm just soooo in love with it, the stoftest fabric...

After TB I went in to Space NK, heaven on earth for the beautyaddicts among us. I could have bought everything in the store. It was hard but I only left with a little Christmas present for my dad, a gift set from this works,  the deep sleep pillow talk.

Boots was another store I just had to check, I bought some presents there, but I know some of these persons read the blog so I'm only going to mention the things I bought for myself ;-) There was a 3 for 2 action on all the maybelline products and this is what came home with me:

2 colordrama lippencils (the 2nd red on the left and the first pink one on the right). These are SO smooth to apply, and not expensive at all! Happy camper overhere!

I'm a bit tired of spending more than 25€ on a mascara (although I'm in love with the Chanel Inimitable). So I went for the colossal volume express mascara by maybelline that A. suggested me.

Final Boots purchase is the Philospohy - Help me nightcream. Everytime I use this I just notice that my skin is so much better. I haven't found it in Belgium (yet?) so I had no other choice than to buy it ;-)

That's it for my London shopping haul. I didn't buy that much but thats mostely because of the bad pound rate and I already had a little #Feelingspendy moment in Paris a week before!

When entering the Chanel store at Rue Cambon, I just knew it, I wasn't going to leave the store without a new handbag! An early Christmas present it was. :-)
I've tried the Maxi and the Jumbo, just because I was still in doubt. Surprisingly the Maxi wasn't TO big for me (okay it's a big handbag, but not that huge). But eventually I decided to go with the Jumbo. Why? Because 1) you can use the Jumbo at night time, the maxi was definitly only a day-time bag, and 2) for those few cm's diffrence they asked about 400€ more.
Here's a little picture of my latest addition to my handbag collection ;-)

What do you like to try/buy from my shopping haul?


I don't post this to brag about anything, I've saved up a long time to buy all these items.

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