Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Chanel Jumbo vs Chanel Maxi

After a long time of saving up my pennies (and a lot more) I'm thinking about adding a new Chanel handbag to my collection! YAY! But the question is which size to choose? 

I’m already sure that IF I buy a new Chanel I'm going for the classic model in the caviar leather, after all this is a lot of money so a classic piece is perfect! The classic flap bag will go with almost every piece of clothing in my wardrobe. Even a casual outfit will look chic and sophisticated with this bag hanging around my arm. I’m opting for the caviar leather because it’s more wearable as an everyday bag. The lambskin is super beautiful and soft but it scratches so quickly that I would be afraid of using it, and after all that’s not the point when I buy this handbag. 

About me? I’m a petit girl of only 1m60 tall, so that’s something I need to take in consideration, a bag that is too large just won’t fit me. Another point is that I want to wear the bag on a daily basis, I already own a “Chanel east west classic” and this is really an evening bag, during the day I have a lot of stuff! (I guess every girl does). So the only options for me are the Jumbo or the Maxi.

Here’s some extra information, because the picture is a bit deceiving:

Chanel Jumbo

19.5 x 30 x 10 cm
Caviar Leather
Silver Hardware

Chanel Maxi

23 x 33 x 10 cm
Caviar Leather
Silver Hardware

With the prices going to the roof these days, and they will be increasing each year (sometimes twiece a year!). I really think that now is the time to buy the bag. if it would increase even more than I just won't buy it anymore. The prices are already ridiculous! (I'm easing my mind saying that it's a great investment).

I’m really thinking about the Jumbo, but sometimes I’m afraid that it won’t be big enough for an everyday bag.

What do you girls recommend? Should I stop doubting and buy the bag? Or should I just keep on saving? Are you buying a Chanel anytime soon?


I don't want to brag with this post, as I said before I've saved up for this item and I understand that there are people who have other interests/ideas.

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