Friday, 31 October 2014

Bobbi Brown - What's on my face ?

After my visit to Bobbi Brown at Parfuma Antwerp, I couldn’t leave without buying something (or almost EVERYTHING :p) I liked the look they created for me so I had a little bit of a splurge. #FeelingSpendy. But after all it’s my birthday this month, so why not?

Which products were used on me?

First step was Skincare. Annelore cleansed my skin with the Soothing Cleansing Oil and hydrated it with the Hydrating Face Cream. For my eyes she used the Extra repair eye cream, because I’m already using this one. To top this all of my lips got treated with a Lipbam.

After prepping my face there was the search to the perfect foundation color and texture. Because I’m a foundation virgin (really I’ve turned 27 and until last week I’ve never used it in my life!)They do this using the BOBBI BROWN FOUNDATION STICKS, they come in about 24 skin tone shades, so you’ll always find your colour. Because I’m a foundation virgin and I don’t like a cakey look on my face we’ve opted to stay with the Foundation stick. I’m colour SAND 2 (Yes I’m a very pale person J). This stick will give you a light till full coverage, it's very buildable. But before the foundation Annelore used a CC cream in color Pale Nude to even out my skintone.

Next in line was correcting my under eyes and concealing them. For this Annelore used the Corrector in extra light bisque and the Concealor in cool sand.

Annelore set my foundation and concealor with the Sheerfinished powder in pale yellow.

After using foundation (no matter what sort) your face is in 2D, to recreate that 3D effect you need to apply bronzer in the right places. Because I’m really pale a brown bronzer would never look natural for me, so we went with the Antigua 2 bronzer, which has a pink undertone, followed with a little bit of Blush in Pale Pink.

Bobbi’s rule is to first apply lipstick before creating your eye look, that way you’ll know how much eye make up to apply. For my lips we choosed the Arty Stick Lips in Dusty Pink.

Last but not least, the eyes! First of all defining the eyebrows. I have really blond eyebrows, so without product it almost looks like I don’t have any J normally I use the Benefit gimme brow in light/Medium (sort of a mascara for eyebrows) but we went for a powder. Annelore used the color wheat powder, to set my eyeshadow she used the long wear eye shadow base and then created a smokey eye with the Smokey nudes eye palette (limited edition), the Longwear eye gel in Graphite Shimmer ink and topped it off with the Smokey eye mascara.

I’ loved the look, so as you can see in the picture I took a lot of products home with me.

What do you think?


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